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The Late Bronze Age

  • 2-4 Players
  • Ages 10+
  • 60 minutes

The Late Bronze Age adds four new developments and new game ending conditions to the Roll Through the Ages: Bronze Age for those players looking for a longer game with a bit more depth.

Score Sheet

Download the Score Sheet (PDF -- 330K)


Trading is a standard step in The Late Bronze Age. Players exchange goods and food according to the rules in the base game, except this now happens after the Build Cities, Monuments and/or Ships step, as indicated on the score sheet. (Of course, trading is optional, so players needn't trade if they don't wish to.)

Game End

In the Late Bronze Age, all the monuments are in play, regardless of the number of players.

The game is over at the end of the round when 7 developments have been purchased by at least one of the players or all of the monuments have been collectively built.

New Developments


  • Cost: 20
  • Points: 4

Before rolling the dice, turn in 1 Pottery to double your current food (up to 15 food maximum). Example: you begin your turn with 1 Pottery and 6 Food and, before rolling, turn in 1 Pottery to increase your Food to 12.


  • Cost: 25
  • Points: 5

When rolling the Invasion disaster, instead of losing 4 points, you invade all of your opponents causing them to lose 4 points each. You may cause all of your opponents to lose an additional 2 points each for every Spearhead you turn in. Opponents who have built the Great Wall monument are unaffected by these invasions.


  • Cost: 25
  • Points: 5

For every Wood plus Cloth combination your turn in during the Build Cities, Monuments, and/or Ships step, you may build 1 ship. (The Wood is used for the hull and the Cloth is used for the sail.) No workers are needed to build ships. Mark the ships you build on your score sheet. Every turn, for every ship you own, you may swap any one good for any other good during the Trade step. For example, if you owned 2 ships, you could swap 1 Stone and 1 Wood for 2 Spearheads. (All swaps made with Shipping are made with the bank, not the other players.)


  • Cost: 40
  • Points: 8 + 1 Bonus Point per Good

Score 1 point at the end of the game for every good remaining on your pegboard. (Players with Caravans may score more than 6 points.)

Other Changes

The following modifications have been made to the existing developments and monuments to keep them balanced given the new additions above. These changes are only suggested when playing the Late Bronze Age and are not intended for use when playing the base game alone. These changes are all summarized on the score sheet—they're listed below for reference only.


Medicine costs 20 and is worth 4 points in this version. (In the base game Medicine costs 15 and is worth 3 points.)


Religion costs 25 and is worth 7 points in this version. (In the base game Religion costs 20 and is worth 5 points.)


Food is now worth 6 coins with Granaries, making it an attractive pairing with Preservation. (Food is worth 4 coins with Graneries in the base game.)


Architecture costs 60 coins (instead of 50) in this version, but players with Architecture now score 2 bonus points per monument (instead of 1) at the end of the game.


Empire now costs 70 coins (instead of 60) in this version. Players with Empire continue to score 1 bonus point for every city they have at the end of the game.


If you complete a larger monument in second, third, or fourth place, you'll now get another point or two, making this a more attractive option.

Special Thanks

A big thank you to Tom Lehmann for his help and encouragement on this variation. Thanks also to David Cortright and Matt Crawford for playtesting help and suggestions.

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